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Is My TV Digital?

Most TV's sold since 2012 have a digital (ATSC) tuner built-in, though some "new-old stock"
sets remained in stores for another year or so.  These sets were "digital ready", meaning that
while they could reproduce a digital signal from a DVD player, they did not have the ATSC
tuner required for the over-the-air digital broadcasting, that the LLTVS, provides.
If you want to know if your present TV has a digital tuner, start by looking at its Remote Control.
Digital TV's use Channel numbers with decimal points, such as 32.1. & 28.3. Many makers use
a dash on the remote, instead of a decimal point, so you'd enter 28-3 rather than 28.3.  (The
dot and the dash are interchangeable.)  
So if your remote has a decimal point (or a dash)
on its number pad, you should be "good to go".
If you are,
locate the "find channels automatically" feature, found in the menus (usually under
"setup" or "install' - consult your owner's
manual). Ensure the input is set ot "air" or "antenna"...
not "cable" and then run the feature. (If you're not sure how to do this, see Help Item #3 or
consult the manual for your TV.)  If you get reception, you have an ATSC tuner!
If you see nothing but "snow", consider a new TV.

Of course, you don't have to purchase a new TV.   If your TV is, say, under 10 years
old, still giving a good picture and you don't mind one more remote, then you may wish to add
a digital converter box (set-top-box) to you system.  This is, essentially, a stand-alone ATSC tuner,
which will send an analog signal to your TV, in the same way a VCR does.

Updated 11,March 2018.