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Why the channels changed on our TV System.
The Federal Government is "re-purposing" the 600 mHz band - which means we,
and all TV broadcasters, must vacate channels above 34.  
(They are going to sell these frequencies to the cel-phone companies.)  

Consequently, we applied for licences for Channels 14, 18, 26 & 30 - channels that we
used to have during our Analog years. Thes were granted in February of 2018.

On March 27th, we moved channels 40, 42 and 46  to 14, 16 & 18... a process that
took two of our volunteers 10 hours to complete.  

On April 26th, we moved Channel 36 to Channl 26. Service interuuption, that day, should have
been under two minutes, but last minute technical issues made it two hours.  (Sorry 'bout that!)

 This left only Ch. 38, which was moved to Channel 30 on June 24th., over a 2.5 hour period.
That was the last move in the series.  
(We apologize for the service interuptions during
these changes - but they could be avoided.)

Each time we made a change,  you would have most likely needed to run the "Find channels"
routine on your TV or set to box.  If you are still not receiving the new chanels, you will need to
run that feature now. (
To learn more on how to do this, click here. )

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Updated: 12 August 2018