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How do I run a Channel Search?

We must vacate the 600mHz band and so will lose Channels 36, 40, 42 & 46, by the end of 2018.
The government is going to sell those frequencies to the Mobile (cel) phone companies.  However, they 
have granted us 4 new channels, to replace them. Over the next few months, we will be moving the upper
channels on to channels 14, 18, 26 & 30. Each time we move a channel, you will need
to run the "Find Channels" feature in the menus of your TV or Set-top-converter box.

Doing this is fairly simple, but you will need to do it every time we make a move and there will be
at least 4 occasions this will happen, over the rest of 2018.

First, find and press the MENU button on your TV's remote.  When the menu pops up, locate the
 section called "Setup", or "Install" or something similar.  (Every TV is different, so we cannot
tell you precisely what to look for.)  In that section, you will find a feature called "Channel Scan", "Auto-
Tune", "Auto-Scan", "Channel Search" or something similar.

In that same section, there should be a place that lets you choose your source.  Generally, there will be
two choices ... "CABLE" and "AIR" (sometimes called "ANTENNA").  Make sure that you have selected
AIR or ANTENNA.   Choosing CABLE actually selects a different tuner within your TV - and it won't work.

With the AIR or ANTENNA input selected, start the Automatic Channel Search. Depending on your
TV, the search can take several minutes.  When it's done, you will have all the TV channels running.
Exit the menus, and you're good to go!

 Updated 14 February, 2018.