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What happened to 28.2, CTV-two (Alberta)?

As you know, our system is run by volunteers.  We are exactly that, volunteers.  Not broadcast
engineers. Today, our signal supplier made a "light switch" change, moving the signal for CTV-two
(Alberta) from MP2 to MP4 and from one satellite to another, at the speed you switch a light.
(Usually, we have  a "dual-feed" period of 2 to 3 weeks, during which we can iron
out any bugs from the system.)

Despite careful preparations,today's switch has not gone well.  Our new receiver is "authorized", which
means it is set correctly. From there the signal goes through a downconverter and then through
a mux.  All have been tested & reset, to be on the safe side, but nothing is coming out the
 other end of the chain.  To be honest, we are at a loss to understand why.

Your TV Society is a very small group of dedicated volunteers, but we depend on one volunteer
in particular in such situations.  He, unfortunately, is out of the country on holiday, until November 15th.
Thus, we really do not expect to have CTV-two restored until he returns, though we will
continue to work on the problem.

If this situation is not acceptable to you, the solution is not to complain, but to  volunteer.
We desperately need someone who is keen, has a little bit of a technical bent and is willing to be a backup
for our main man. Electrical engineering is NOT a reqirement and we will be happy to  train you!

In the meantime, we can only apologize for the temporary absence of CTV-two (28.2).

Updated 16 October 2019.