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What happened to PeachTree?

As you know, our system is run by volunteers.  We are exactly that, volunteers.  Not broadcast
engineers.  We do our very best - and while we have  become very familiar with the complicated
gear, every couple of years we find ourselves needing to ask one of our suppliers for some help.
When we've had to do that, we've found the people at various suppliers and
stations, extremely supportive and very helpful.

Except for Peachtree, who's signal, due to changes, we have been uanble to use since
mid-December. To make a long story short, we have made numerous phone calls and sent
many emails over the last two and half months,  trying to get some help with their system. All to no avail.
In the meantime, we were spending close to $350 per month, for a signal we could not use.

It was a situation that could not continue.

Finally, after much frustration, we made the decision to replace PeachTree with something else.
BRAVO! has been our most asked for station after The Food Channel - which we
added a couple of years back.

Thus, we have replaced PeachTree, with Bravo!, on 38.2.  It will be available on March 15th.
We hope you enjoy it.

Many TV's will simply receive the signal, without your doing anything.  However, if yours does not,
you will have to run a channel scan on your TV or set-top-box. To learn how, click here.

Last updated 10 March 2018.