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We asked: "If 
(and only if) you live in Logan Lake, please take our 4 minute survey..."
We also asked: "
Please! Do NOT put links to our survey on Facebook, or ask your out-of-town friends
complete the survey.  As of 4pm, Jan 14th,  26% of respondents are out of the area - from Burnaby,
Clinton, 70 Mile, Creston, Kelowna ...  a few as far away as Mexico and Thailand!  If this continues,
the results will be useless.  In that case, we will have no choice but to ignore the survey and simply
do what we think is best."

Here is what happened.

It seems some people felt that if they stacked the survey, they'd get what they wanted, without regard for
anyone else. One way was to ask out-of-town friends to complete the survey.  And it did not take long
for some to figure out that if they deleted the "cookies" on their computer, they could take the survey
repeatedly. While we cannot identify individuals, or determine how any one person answered,
we can (and did) track their home towns, through their IP address. The hot spot was 70 Mile,
(with 16 completions), but the survey was taken (often multiple times) by people in Creston,

Kelowna, Barrière, Winfield, Merritt, Langley, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Vancouver,
Calgary, Toronto, Dartmouth NS, Mexico and Thailand.

But, the worst offenders were here, in Logan Lake.  Dozens of folks filled out the survey multiple times,
 with the record being one resident who completed our survey 19 times!  In the end, we had 255 completed
surveys, with 131 (51.37%) known to be bogus.  If we include other suspicious ISP addresses that only
completed the survey once, the number jumps to over 68%!

Thus, the results are meaningless and so we have no choice but to ignore the results and proceed
as we think best, hoping we can meet the expectations of the majority of Logan Lakers.

To all those who completed our survey, just once and with honest answers, we thank you.
We regret that others have spoiled your opportunity to be heard.
An Update: We have received several suggestions of better survey software.  If we can find
one that is close to "bulletproof", we'll try it again, later in the spring/summer. Right now, our focus
must be
on the upcoming conversion to MP-4 transmissions from our signal suppliers.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.