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Let's set the record straight...

There is a rumour being spread, via facebook, that the Logan Lake TV Society has asked council
 for a "$20 Grant" from each household.  Whoever posted that rumour needs to get their facts straight.

Logan Lake offers more OTA digital TV channels than any town our size, in North America. And we do it for
less than the cheapest satellite package (which offers fewer specialty channels and no sports channels) in Canada. This is only possible because a small group of dedicated volunteers make it happen.

Our signals & equipment costs are presently covered by an $18 per month charge on your property taxes.
We have asked that be increased from $18 per month to $20 per month... NOT a  "$20 grant".

Simply put, we have not had a rate increase since 2012, but our signal costs continue to rise.
We have gone this long without an increase (and have even returned $60,000 to the town) because
we have been very frugal with our spending, saving countless thousands of taxpayer's dollars.

 But, there is a limit  to what can be saved. Without the increase, we will have to start dropping channels.
(That will be
 fun, because everyone will want us to cut the channel that THEY don't watch!)
 So, we do need the increase, but have not asked for a "$20 grant", no matter what anyone says.

Posted 10 Feb, 2019.