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Wednesday, April 1st, 2020.

Monday:  We added CMT to an existing multi-channel Receiver, in order to improve the reliability,
 and all was well.... for a few hours. Then, we began to lose the sound on CMT, TLC, CTV-two.  Long
story short, the sound portion of our receiver was failing.  In all, your volunteers
worked on the system for 5 hours that day.

Tuesday: We replaced the receiver with a brand new one, that had just arrived the previous Friday.  
We set it up, configured it and had it authorized.  Again, all was well!  But, after about 90 minutes it, too,
failed, losing the signal entirely.  We would reset the machine and it would work for another 60 to 90
minutes and then it would fail, again.  It was a 9 hour day - a long one for volunteers.

Wednesday:  We arrived on site at 7am, to discover that our brand new, but intermittent machine
was dead as a Dodo.  No lights, no joy.  So, we replaced it with another, brand new, Sat Reciver and
again had our signals swappped over to the new machine.  As of this writing, all is well. We hope
it will stay this way, for we do not have any more spares!

The two failed units will be returned for repairs. Both units are under warranty.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but stuff happens.

Thank you for your understanding.

Revised: 1 April 2020