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When you see wierd channel numbers...

When we set up a new signal (either totally new or one being re-set) the IRD will provide the
system with an arbitrary sub-channel number.  Today, it was 14.257, when we really wanted it
to identify as 14.2.  If we are setting up a signal from a multi-channel receiver, it will set the sub-channel
to the processor number in the box.  Thus, you might see 14.108, or 28.103 (there are a maximum of 12
processors in such boxes).   We can (and do) change this, in the multiplexer, but it takes a few
minutes to get it all set.  Afterwards, you will see the channel numbers you expect, but many TV's
remember the temporary channel numbers as well.  If your TV does, to get rid of them,
simply run a channel scan, which is found in the menus of your TV or Set-top-box.

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Last updated:  12 December 2019.