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Why is someone always talking in the background?

Described Video is an audio service for the visually impaired. In it, a narrator
adds comentary between the show's dialogue, to describe the scene.

Not all programs have described video, but where it is available, all broadcasters
(including us) are required to carry it.  Thus, we have now enabled it on all channels.
 Please note that not all shows have described video, while virtually no advertisements do.

If you are hearing such commentary and do not wish to, turn the Second Audio Program
feature (found somewhere in the menus of your TV) to OFF. If you, or a family member,
would like to hear described video, set Second Audio Propgram (SAP - called MTS
on some TV's)  to ON.  If you cannot find it, consult the manual  for your TV or
the dealer from whom you purchased your set.

Updated 21 March., 2013.