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How to program your Digital TV... or... how to do a channel scan.

Frankly, Digital TV's are not the smartest things around.  While a few TV's are able to
find new stations on their own, most of them will not find a new channel until you tell your TV or
set-top-box to go and look for it. So, each (and every) time we make a change to the system,
you'll need to run the  "find channels" feature of your  TV or Set-Top-Converter box..

This feature is often called "Find Channels", "Scan Channels", "Auto-Scan" or
something similar (each brand uses a different name), and is found in the menus of your TV or
Set-top-box.  It is most often found under the "Install" or "Set-up" portions of the menus.
If you can't readily find it, consult your set's instruction manual.  

 BE SURE to select  "Antenna", or "Air" - not "Cable".  If your TV is missing channels or shows
numbers that do not match our program guide (on 32.1) or  shows channel numbers above 34, then you
ran "Find Channels", with the unit set to "cable".  Change to "air" or "antenna" and run the feature again.

Running this feature usually takes just a few minutes, and when it's complete, your set
will be able to receive all our channels!  

Remember, if you have a PVR or  DVD recorder with a digital tuner, you'll also have to run it's
"find channels" feature, every time you do it on your TV.  Otherwise, you'll be able to
watch but not record the channels we move or add!

Last updated: 12 June, 2019