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Why is there no analog TV in Logan Lake?

We converted all of our TV channels to digital, back in 2012.

During our "transition period" we only had to pay for our signals once, no matter whether
we used analog or digital... or both.  But, after this "transition period" ended, we were
contractually obliged to pay for each signal, each time we use it. Thus, had we continued to have
both digital and analog feeds, we'd have had to pay double - adding thousands of dollars per month
to your tax bill.  As we do not wish to do that, we have turned down our analog transmitters.

You now need either a newer, digital capable TV, or a digital converter (set-top-box), in
order to receive our over-the-air signals.   You will not need a new antenna (there is
no such thing as a digital antenna, despite what the advertisers may try to tell you), but
you should ensure that your antenna is in good shape.

If you cannot, or do not wish to do that, yourself, call us and we can recommend someone
who you can hire, to get it done.  For more on antennas, click here.

Updated 15 Dec., 2012.