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   Antennas are the source of many, poor reception problems.  
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 A number of stores in Kamloops (and on-line) sell small "amplified" antennas.
Theses are exactly what they say the are ... basically small, bow-tie antennas built inside a
plastic housing (which is transparent to TV signals).  To compensate for their smaller
surface area, the signal is amplified by a small, internal, electronic amplifier.  Thus, the antenna
needs to be plugged in.  The power such beasts consume will likely add $1 to $3 per year,
to your electric bill.  Such antennas run in the $60 to $100 range.

Remember, there is no such thing as a "Digital Antenna", no matter what the box or the salesman says!

Amplified antennas (especially when mounted outdoors) should fine for most homes in
Logan Lake, but we would not recommend them for homes outside the town proper or for
homes in the acerages, or other areas where our signal is not quite as strong because of the terrain.
a 4-bay or even an 8-bay model is peferred - especially out of town or in other weak signal areas.

If you prefer to use a GPS to align your antenna, the coordinates of our antenna are:
50 deg, 30" 01.06 N - 120 deg, 48' 47.25 W.



(Last updated: 5 April, 2019)