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The Logan Lake TV Society does not endorse any of these retailers.  We provide
this information only as a convenience, should you wish to purchase a Set-top-box.

In Kamloops:

London Drugs,
 Future Shop
The Source, Visions & Princess Auto
are  keeping small numbers in stock. We suggest
you contact the stores to check
availability before driving to Kamloops.
There may be other sources, in Kamloops, which we are not aware of.

By mail-order:
Sears Canada advise that they do not carry digital converters in their stores, but do have
them available through their calalogue
. (

Tiger Direct    (
Save and Replay    (
Please note that, through experience, we have found that some models
of RCA digital converters do not properly decode all our signals. Neither
we nor RCA Technical Support can explain why. We nave
not found
this to be a problem with any other
brand encountered so far.