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Digital Converters
 If your TV is, say, under 10 years old and giving a good picture, you may wish to add a digital
converter box (set-top-box) to your system, rather than replace your TV.

 Simply put, a set-top-box is a low-cost, stand-alone, digital tuner (called an ATSC tuner), which will
 send an analog signal to your older TV, in the same way a VCR does.

Remember: when you first set up your converter box, you must use the "find channels
automatically" feature (sometimes called : "Scan Channels", "AutoScan" or  something similar)
found in the menus, before your set-top-box will  receive any channels, at all.

VCR's will record the analog output from a set-top-box, but cannot directly record digital
broadcasts. However, it is possible to purchase DVD recorders, which have both the original,
NTSC tuner; and the newer ATSC, digital tuner for the newer, digital broadcasts.  These units
can use standard DVD-R and DVD+R discs, to digitally record up to 8 hours of your
favourite TV shows.  These discs can be recorded only once.  They can also use re-recordable,
DVD-RAM discs, that act very much like a video tape.  They can hold up to 8 hours of video, and
be erased up to 1000 times. These units can also act as a "set-top-box" for your older, analog TV!

You can also find dual tuner PVR's (Personal Video Recorders) whch store your TV shows
on a hard-drive, like a computer.  You will need a model capable of setting record times by
day, time and program length, just like you would set a VCR.

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