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Digital Conversion Status Report.
Updated March 21, 2012.

At this time, we have converted the 6 of the channels that we were
granted, by Industry Canada, for digital experimentation, to digital.

Because we "mulitplex" 3 to 4 channels on to one transmitter (that's why you see
channels like 32.3 and 48.2),  we now have 17 of our most-watched
channels broadcast in digital, as well as our new on-screen program
guide.  And the picture is superb!

We have the equipment pretty much in place and will convert our remaining signals
to digital as rapidly as possilble. We now expect to have all our channels "digitized"
by the end of June to mid-July. 

Be warned, however, that we may have to shut down all our analog broadcasting
shortly after that, for contractual reasons.  We'd hoped to leave them running
longer, but that may not be possible.  We are still researching the finer
points on this, and will advise, for sure, once we know.

Thank you for reading, and for you understanding.