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The Latest News
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July 14th.
Our channel 20 transmitter has been installed, with TSN, OLN & CMT all restored to their nomal
positons. A few people may have to run the "find channels" routines in their TV's before all looks well.
For help with this, please read HELP item #3.

  July 13th.  The transponder updates are now complete. However, it took a full 11 hours, 6am to 5pm,
to get it all done. The equipment was NOT cooperative. Our Channel 20 transmitter has been returned
from repair, and we expect to have it installed, tomorrow, by the end of the day. That will also mean the return
of OLN and CMT. We certainly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

July 12th: 
Unfortunately, last Thursday's long day, only solved the transponder update problem for one
of our multi-channel sat. receivers.  We will be doing updates on the remaining two units, starting at 6am on
Tuesday, July 13th. We hope the interruptios will be fewer and their duration shorter, but there will be
interruptions in service, for which we can only appologize.   If this work is not completed by Thursday,
several networks will go off the air for an extended perioid, so it must be done.

Thanks for reading.