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April 8th.
Well, they did it to us again!  CIFM and B-100 changed their URL's when they swapped in
new equipment, but forgot to tell us!   We have now installed the new URL's - which they assure us will not
change when they do future upgrades.  Let us hope so!  We, and they, apologize for any inconvenience.

April 3rd.
CIFM and B-100 are again off the air.  But, at least this time, it is not us!  The stations
advised us that they've had an equipment failure, and had hoped to have both stations back on the
air by last Wednesday.  But that has not yet happened.  Our equipment should re-acquire the signals
within 1 minute of their restoring service, but we continue to check things, daily, just in case.

Thanks for reading.