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The Story of Digital TV.

The federal government is requiring all broadcasters to switch to digital broadcasting.  The major
markets, those with 300,000 people or more, switched on August 31, 2011.  (Originally,
broadcasters were to switch by then, but the government changed its mind.) So smaller
markets (that's us!) are now in the process of switching. Here, in Logan Lake, we
completed the process in November of 2012... putting us far ahead of most of the country.

Digital TV offers a vastly improved picture, with total freedom from "snow" and "ghosting".
Areas of Logan Lake that have had very poor analog reception, often find that their reception,
with digital, is nothing less than superb!

All our analog transmitters were then turned off, 
to avoid having to
pay for our signals twice, thus increasing your taxes.

If you're TV shows nothing but "snow", on all channels, check to see if the remote for your TV
has a decimal point (.) or dash (-) on the number pad. If it does, you most likely only need to run a
"Channel Scan". (For help with this, click here.) If not, you will need a digital converter
(set-top-box) for your older, analog TV, or a newer TV, that has a digital (ATSC) tuner built-in.

For more information on this... please click here.

Last updated: 12 June 2019.