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How can I record a Digital TV program?

Being able to record over-the-air DTV is a great feature.  You will need a either a DVD recorder or
a PVR that has a digital [ATSC] tuner, and is capable of recording by setting the time, the channel
and the duration .... in the same way that we would set a VCR to record.   There are a number of options.

Although some folks prefer a PVR (with a built-in hard drive), most of what's available have a satellite
receiver/decoder rather than the ATSC tuner needed to receive over-the-air signals broadcast by the LLTVS.
Thus they are tied to a particular Satellite provider. A few PRV's do exist, which are not tied to a specific satellite service and which are capable of recording by time, channel and duration. However, they seem exceedingly hard to find. If you wish one, click here, for information on one option. 

DVD recorders are readily found, resonably priced and produce very fine recordings... holding up to 8
hours of TV programs on either record-once or re-recordable DVDs. (Like Video tapes, the longer
you record on a disc, the lower the quality. But the image from DVDs, speed for speed, is much
superior to video tape!) But to record our broadasts, you'll need one with the ATSC (digital) tuner,
built in. Sadly, these used to be quite common, they are now almost impossible to find, in Canada.

The lowest cost option...

A number of inexpensive Set-Top converters will allow primitive DVR functionality, if you add
a USB extermal hard drive to the units.   Use caution, as some only record the analog version of
our signals, so results can vary.  Do your research, first.


Last updated: 27 August, 2018