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Still more changes are coming!

You won't see much that's significant, but your volunteers will be
putting in hundreds of hours over the next 8 months as we upgrade our receiving equipment from
MP-2 to MP-4 encoding  ...   to match the changes from our signal providers.

One change you will see is that, sometime in the first half of 2019, we will switch our feeds for  ABC,
PBS & FOX from Detroit and Rochester, to Seattle. Making these changes will put prime-time shows
back in prime time. If we don't make the change, it will cost you, the taxpayers, thousands of dollars more.

That is because, without the changes, we will have to purchase 3 additional, 8PSK-capable satellite
receivers at a cost of up to $8,000 each.  By making the changes, we can pick up the 3 Seattle
feeds on an open tuner/transponder pair of a multi-channel satellite receiver we already own!

There may be some unavoidable interruptions in service as we make these changes.
We will keep them as short as possible and, whenever possible, will give you advance
notice of them, on this site's main, news page and via our community scroll.

We thank you for your patience & understanding.