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How can I record a Digital TV program? [3]

A third option may be something called Tablo from Ottawa-based Nuvyyo.   We've not used
one of these units, so we cannot comment on it's quality, but you may find it of interest.

TABLO has between one and four digital tuners (depending on the model),  and you
have to add a USB-3 based external hard-drive.   You connect the unit to your
comlputers's router, and it streams the signals anywhre in your house, via an app for
Amazon Fire TV, Google's Chromecast, Apple TV, and various smart TV's, among others.

Tablo boxes start at around $140 and a separate hard drive would run you $80 to $180 depending on
You will also need a receiver, such as Google's ChromeCast (about $40) or Rokku (about $100)
or a smart TV. All are readily available, locally.

Tablo units are available from, or direct from Tablo, amongst other sourses.

To read a full review, by TechHIVE, click here.

A similar unit is made by Silicon Dust, and is available from, amongst other sources,
Again, we've not tried one, so cannot comment on it's quality.  Details can be found here.


Last updated: 29 December 2018.